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Core Technology
Hazardous Chemistry
From kilogram to 200's tons/year,our expertise can guarantee your key intermediate or active ingredient manufactory in a safe and reliable way.Our experts are equipped with labs dedicated to safety testing.:
  • Thermal stability: DSC, TGA, Koenen test, Bonfire test
  • Mechanical stability: shock and friction sensitivity test
  • Storage stability test
  • Tests for detonation propagation (2”-steel tube test)
  • Tests for self-decomposing materials
  • Dust explosion test (Hartmann tube)
  • Reaction calorimetry, reaction heat calculation
  • Transport classification
Chiral technology
  • Asymmetric synthesis: Diastereoselective synthesis, Asymmetric catalysis, Other enantioselective reactions,
  • Chiral resolution: Chiral chromatography, Enzymatic resolution, Chemical resolution, Kinetic and dynamic kinetic resolution, Preferential crystallization
Our other advantageous reactions

Hoffmann rearrangement, SUZUKI reaction, Heck reaction, cross-coupling reaction, Friedel-crafts reaction, photo chemical reaction, Grignard reaction,Baeyer-villiger oxidation,Halex reaction,Sandmeyer Reaction,Wittig reaction, Wolf-Kishner

Acetylation Dehydration Hydroboration Rearrangements
Acid Chlorides Dehydrogenation Hydrobrominat Reduction
Acylation Dehydrohalogen Hydrochlorinat Reductive Alkylation
Addition Diazotization Hydrogenation Reformatsky
Alkylation Diels-Alder Hydrohalogenation Resolution
Amidation Elimination Hydrolysis Ring Closure
Benzolyation Epoxidation Imidization Substitution
Bromination Esterification Iodination Sulfurization
Carboxylation Etherification Isomerization Transesterification
Chlorination Fluorination Methylation Ullmann
Condensation Formylation N-Alkylation Wittig Reaction
Coupling Friedel-Crafts Nitration Schotten-Baumann reaction
Cyclization Grignard Organometallic

Friedel-Crafts acylation

Decarboxylation Halogenation Oxidation

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