Phenylphosphonic Dichloride CAS 770-12-7_
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Phenylphosphonic Dichloride CAS 770-12-7
Phenylphosphonic Dichloride CAS 770-12-7 Melting point -1 ~ C Boiling point 241-243 C (lit.) Density 25 at C 1.412 g/mL (lit.) Exterior view Colorless liquid Flash point >230 F Should be used As the emamectin benzoate synthesis special catalyst Dissolved in benzene, chloroform, and carbon tetrachloride, in water or hot alcohol decomposition. Usage: it is used for emamectin benzoate synthesis of phosphate diester preparation as well as the sulfinic acid with ethanol, [1] ammonia, alcohol and coupling agent Harmful to the body by inhalation, ingestion, or absorbed by the skin. This product has a strong stimulating effect on the eyes, skin, mucous membrane and the upper respiratory tract. Can be caused by inhalation of the throat, bronchial spasm, edema, chemical pneumonia or pulmonary edema. After exposure can cause burning, cough, wheezing, shortness of breath, headache, nausea and vomiting. Packing method Acid carboy or ceramic bottles outside the ordinary wooden box or semi lattice box; glass bottles or plastic barrels (tank) outside the ordinary wooden box or semi lattice boxes; frosted edge of glass bottles or threaded mouth glass bottles ordinary wooden box; ampoule bottle outside the ordinary wooden box; threaded mouth glass bottles, iron cover pressure mouth glass bottle, plastic bottle material or metal barrels (tank) outside the ordinary wooden box. Transportation note Railway transportation should be strictly in accordance with the Ministry of transport of dangerous goods "rules" in the dangerous cargo loading table for compatibility. Shipment to complete the packing, loading should be safe. Transport process to ensure that the container does not leak, do not collapse, do not fall, not damaged. With no oxidant, alkali, edible chemicals mixed mixed transport. The transportation vehicles shall be equipped with corresponding varieties and quantities of fire equipment and emergency handling equipment. Transportation should prevent insolation, rain, high temperature resistant. Highway transportation should be in accordance with the provisions of the road, do not stay in the residential areas and densely populated areas
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