1-Ethylcyclopentyl 4-ethenylbenzoate CAS 1476746-72-1_
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1-Ethylcyclopentyl 4-ethenylbenzoate CAS 1476746-72-1

1-Ethylcyclopentyl 4-ethenylbenzoate CAS 1476746-72-1


Benzene, 1-ethenyl-4-[(1-ethylcyclopentyl)oxy]- Basic information
Product Name:    Benzene, 1-ethenyl-4-[(1-ethylcyclopentyl)oxy]-
Synonyms:    Benzene, 1-ethenyl-4-[(1-ethylcyclopentyl)oxy]-
CAS:    1476746-72-1
MF:    C15H20O
MW:    216.32
Product Categories:    
Mol File:    1476746-72-1.mol
Benzene, 1-ethenyl-4-[(1-ethylcyclopentyl)oxy]- Structure
Benzene, 1-ethenyl-4-[(1-ethylcyclopentyl)oxy]- Chemical Properties
Safety Information
MSDS Information
Benzene, 1-ethenyl-4-[(1-ethylcyclopentyl)oxy]- Usage And Synthesis
Benzene, 1-ethenyl-4-[(1-ethylcyclopentyl)oxy]- Preparation Products And Raw materials

Specification: 99%

Delivery: immediately

Pakage: 1KG, 10KG, 25kg, 20g, 100g, 500g or according to customer's requirement.

If you request free testing samples or H-NMR ,HPLC , LC-MS or GC chart, Please directly contact with: chemwill_asia@126.com;sales@chemwill.com or chemwill@gmail.com

1-Ethylcyclopentyl 4-ethenylbenzoate CAS 1476746-72-1

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